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JINKO “沈香”

JINKO “沈香”

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JINKO “沈香”

the wood accumulated its sap over a great many years to heal its own wounds.

the agarwood.
a great feat of nature. they say that the Buddha attained enlightenment while surrounded by its noble fragrance.
long ago, folks who unknowingly burned the wood that had drifted ashore on Awaji Island were enveloped by its magnificent fragrance and marveled.
the agarwood was presented to the Imperial Capital and was highly prized as a sacred altar fitting for Buddhism and Shinto practice.
in the Heian period, agarwood became the favored fragrance of the aristocrats who burned the fragrance on their clothes to entertain their romance and emotions.
also, samurai warriors in the age of war loved this fragrance to calm their agitated minds before the battles. this ancient fragrance produced on Awaji Island continues to soothe, calm, and purify our hearts, even to this day.



・ Incense sticks are to be used by lighting a fire at one end of the stick. ・ Use a nonflammable container such as an incense burner, and be careful not to let the incense fall over or burn out of the container.
・ Do not use it near flammable materials, in windy or unstable places.
・ After use, make sure the fire is extinguished.
・ Keep out of the reach of children.
・ Do not use the product for any purpose other than the intended use.

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